Risely Health

Diabetic health coach and rising entrepreneur Lauren Bongiorno (as seen on the Today Show) approached us to redefine her brand identity moving away from her personal brand and towards a new, and larger endeavor.

Risely is redefining what it means to live with type 1 diabetes by empowering individuals and families impacted by T1D to take ownership of their health and transform their life with freedom and confidence. As a forerunner in this space, Lauren was ready to think bigger and we knew we needed to push her past her comfort zone and create a brand that was bold and differentiated from

her competition. So we did just that. We flipped everything she was used to on its head and leaned into the color orange, to stand out in the crowd. We flipped her name on its head too, coming up with Risely Health—reclaiming ownership of the word ‘rise’ within the world of diabetes. We worked with their team to create a new identity that is disruptive, human, and vibrant.

Visual identity
Company naming
Website design
Webflow development

Brand strategy

Risely brings together trusted coaches, educational classes, and a judge-free T1D community, so T1Ds can meet their needs for long-term health, confidence, and freedom. The company is a passionate, inclusive, and future-forward thinking organization that cares for its users and employees too. We worked with the Risely team to come up with their brand attributes of vitality, transformation, and disruption.

Visual identity

Goodbye sea of blue, hello, sophisticated and vibrant, modern colors. The visual system has boldness and simplicity: rounded fonts with a geometric touch that is easy to read and holistic, photography which feels fresh and human, and playful illustrations that are ownable and differentiated. The color pallette speaks to disruption and vitality with earthy colors juxtaposed to a strong and positive orange.

Brand pattern

An important part of the visual language is our brand pattern. The simple dashed lines becomes a metaphor for life living with type 1 diabetes, as nothing is always constant, and the formation of the swiggles is also suggestive that life is a journey. Neither straight nor fixed, our Risely pattern suggests that we are committed to the journey and not afraid of its ups and downs, turns and twists.

Company naming

When Lauren and the team approached us, they had the name “The Diabetic Coaching Company” chosen (with conviction). We bursted that bubble pretty quickly. Sorry not sorry. Listening to their goals and the passion in their voices as they talked about their strifes, their hurdles, and the stength to overcome them, we knew we needed to push them to rethink their name. That’s when key words like ‘rise’ manifested and the idea that one can rise above any challenge, even diabetes.

We thought long and hard about the name Rise, and how it can be misconstrued since T1Ds are trying to lower their A1Cs. But that’s when it clicked. We are trying to do something different. We are trying to reclaim the rise. In order to own this space and truly turn everything on its head, we needed our name to also be disruptive in thought, quick to remember, easy to say and spell, and future-forward. So, Risely was born. One word, two syllables, but with a softer ending.


Now that we came up with their company name: Risely Health, we knew that our voice and tone had to be one of wit, confidence, and personality. It was important that we fully leaned into this fearlessness, taking ownership back on a word that for so long had a negative connotation. But for the rest of us, rise has always had a positive sentiment: starting afresh, overcoming obstacles, finding a new dawn in each day.

We worked with the Risely team to bring meaning into their messaging, focusing on powerful and pithy statements that echoed their brand attributes: vitality, transformation, and disruption.

You're here for transformation.
We're here to transform.

Your personal T1D transformation—
tailor made.

It's time to redefine type diabetes.

A T1D program designed with intention for for you and with you.

Website design + development

After all of the visual language and core messaging is defined, the fun part begins: designing the website. We worked with Risely to build out 25+ pages from the ground up utilizing Webflow as our main development program. Important that everything was responsive and mobile friendly and intuitive to use no matter who you are or where you are browsing from.


For Risely, we defined their photography style wanting to complement our color palette with images that felt warm and inviting with authentic expressions in neutral backgrounds. The focus should be on the individual, proudly showing their Dexcom in their natural habitats.

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