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Amy Jo Martin, named the third most powerful woman on Twitter by Forbes and New York Times best-selling author of “Renegades Write the Rules” was in need of new branding and a new website for her new company, Renegade Global.

Renegade Global is a human innovation company that unlocks positive disruption for both individuals and corporations. It is also home of the acclaimed Renegade Accelerator program that has helped hundreds of successful women 10x the way they show up in life and in business, so we wanted to 10x the way their brand showed up, too. We were given existing brand guidelines, and in true Renegade fashion, we wanted to shake sh*t up. And that’s exactly what we did.  We got rid of cobalt blues and soft pastel colors.

And instead, we leaned in harder on the iconic Renegade Red that has long differentiated Amy Jo from the crowd, and pair it with a deeper red. Building upon the mosaic-like nature of Renegade’s logo, it was important to thread that visual language through to the rest of the brand and website, creating an ownable and definable visual identity for Renegade. We worked with their team to define their voice and tone, their viusal identity and uniting the two to be as edgy and disruptive as the work they do.

Visual identity
Website design
Webflow development
Photography art direction
“Your ability to grasp our business so quickly and write copy against that is incredible. You created a Fortune 500-looking website for us and we are only a team of 5! The most seamless and enjoyable process I have ever been through creating a website. I’m a super-fan of brûlée!”
—Amy Jo Martin, CEO & Founder of Renegade Global

Brand strategy

In creating a brand as bold as Renegade Global, we honed in on a story that embraced growth and innovation, but retold it in a way that spoke to the leaders, executives and entrepreneurs of the future. We worked with the Renegade team to create a brand identity system that would distinguish their unique industry category of human innovation, while differentiating them from competitors in the leadership landscape.

Visual identity

When we originally received their existing brand guidelines, our first goal was to get rid of the corporate, cobalt blues and soft pastel colors. We wanted to lean harder into the iconic Renegade Red that has long differentiated Amy Jo from the crowd, and pair it with a deeper red and a complementary pistachio color to create a bold and yet balanced color palette. We leveraged the uniqueness of their logo and used that as our spring board to create our mosaic pattern, rooted in human portrayal.

Messaging & Copywriting

Words shape stories and stories shape brands. To kick off verbal identity and messaging for Renegade, we engaged them in a branding exercise. Their passion for human innovation was already clear in their brand voice: you could almost hear the red. What needed further definition was the amplification behind their tone—the boldness to write marketing copy like a true Renegade.

We worked with the Renegade team to understand their value propositions, and wrote copy against those goals.  Short, pithy headlines juxtaposed with detailed supporting copy was our recipe to explain the Renegade Mentality in a clear and concise way.

Be the brand that dares to be human.

Disrupting companies,
one Renegade at a time.

Come for the growth.
Stay for the people.

Human innovation built for impact.

Website design + development

After all of the branding and visual identity work was complete, it was time to add all the ingredients into a powerful website that 10xed the company’s essence. As Amy Jo mentioned after our launch, this was the most seamless, painless, and enjoyable experience she’s ever had building a website, and we owe it all to our great team, but also to the speed and success of Webflow: our development program of choice.

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For Renegade Global, we defined their photography style wanting to complement our color palette with images that felt warm and inviting with authentic expressions in neutral backgrounds. We wanted to capture candid moments between subjects juxtaposed with some fun, playful shots posing in front of the camera, while still embodying a natural expression, all with a hint of Renegade Red throughout.

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