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David Solomon and Andrew Goldman, Co-Founders of Hildred Capital, were in need of new branding, a new website, and an entire experiential design for their healthcare private equity firm to launch with their first in-person Annual Meeting held in NYC.

Hildred™ is a New York City-based private equity investment firm focused on middle-market companies across the world of healthcare. They offer an “in the trenches,” 360º view of the healthcare sector and the individual businesses they invest in, enabling them to drive exponential strategic, operational, and financial value. With $650M worth of assets under management, Hildred seeks opportunities to create value in healthcare companies with revenues of up to $100 million, from scaling businesses to

generate earnings growth, promoting strategic and operational improvements, generating business development, and driving multiple expansion. They were in need of a full rebrand: everything from logo, to website, swag, team headshots, corporate collateral, event and experiential design support, video production, and overall marketing consultation.

Visual identity
Logo Design
Website design
Webflow development
Swag design
Experiential design
Co Founders David and Andrew on stage speaking at an event to a crowd of people
“Thank you for your excellent work and persistent project management, which got us to the finish line with an outstanding result! We wouldn’t have got there without you. The logo, the website, and the meeting materials were excellent and delivered on time! Absolute professionals, through and through.”
—David Solomon,
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Logo design

Hildred came to us with a need and a calling to modernize their brand, while still remaining true to their industry and business. The first thing we proposed was a new logo to help take a step in this direction. It was important to build a timeless logo that could be recognized within the private equity space, but also standout amongst their competitors. It was important for us to created a logo that could scale across different channels and mediums and had symbolic meaning as well. That’s how we came to create graphical “H” you see within the square, built by the juxtaposition of two triangles that show the metaphorical manifesto of growing companies up and to the right.

The old Hildred Logo


Hildred is catalyst for good—from the people they hire, to the funds they invest in, and ultimately, to the innovations they believe in because the economic potential is only possible by the human potential of change. That is what we wanted to capatalize on in their brand: clean, simple design that leads with powerful copy, allowing the visuals and the statements the foreground to give their constituencies an understanding of who Hildred is and what they stand for.

Hildred Logo mark
Image used in the design of the website. Showing the face of a male doctor in the operating room.
Helping healthcare´s innovators grow smarter

Visual identity

We rethought their color palette using color psychology. Hence, the color Hildred Blue, which becomes their core color, juxtaposed with the introduction of Mint in their color palette to help them stand out amongst their competition while still eliciting a sense of trust and loyalty. We wanted their typography to be an extension of this new visual identity of sophistication and modernism, so a thin sans serif font that embodies those two attributes.

Visual showing the font used in the design. Satoshi
Visually showing the four colors used in the design

Website design & development

After all of the branding and visual identity work was complete, it was time to add all the ingredients into a powerful website that modernized the company’s essence, while being more user-friendly than their existing site. We looked at their journey mapping and optimized for the best UX flow for their key visitors.

Visit website
Screenshot of the marketing websites homepage
Showing the website in a mobile device


For Hildred, we defined their photography style and did a full team portrait photoshoot styling them to all wear shades of blue to keep a uniformed, branded look. They wanted to ensure their company felt warm and inviting, emphasizing the importance of culture and people, while still remaining professional and sophisticated.

Corporate portrait of Andrew
Corporate portrait of David
Corporate portrait of Bill
Corporate photo of two people laughing

Experiential design & swag

As we began thinking about their first in-person Annual Meeting, the branded experience was important to them as much as it was important to us. We wanted to ensure we could brand the classical space at The Pierre in NYC to match the newness and modernism of Hildred’s updated brand. We encouraged the team to think about swag for their employees and the attendees: lanyards, umbrellas, fleece, pens, and notebooks were some of the swag we created for them, along with banner designs for the stage and the space.

Showing the stage at the event with the logo in the large backdrop with the Hildred Logo
Showing the Hildred banners at the entrance of the venue
Showing a dark blue fleece sweater with the Hildred logo placed on the chest.


Hildred came to us with the ask to create a recap video for their first in-person Annual Meeting, creating a new resurgence and hype for their firm for prospective employees, future investors, and current CEOs of the healthcare companies they work with. And that’s exactly what we did.

Messaging & copywriting

All great brands have one core thing in common: powerful copy. We worked with the Hildred team to craft their messaging and positioning for their website, ensuring we create a consistent tone of voice that can scale throughout all of their collateral.

Together, we build and grow world-class healthcare companies.

We view healthcare's opportunities through a different lens.

We're not just uncovering new opportunities across healthcare. We're creating them.

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